10.09.2021 - The Return of the Jersey Devil!

by Mythicos

Calling all Painters!

The Jersey Devil 2021 is right around the corner! This year it will be located at the Mahwah Location on 12/11/2021!
We have our Judges locked in, and the categories have been decided!
  1. Single Figure
  2. Unit/Squad
  3. Monster/Vehicle/Large Model
  4. Bust
  5. Diorama
  6. Armies on Display
  7. Green Horn
  8. Mythic Americas
  9. Best in Show (Judges Pick)
Our Judges panel for this year: John Margiotta volunteering as the head judge, with Amanda Kopet, Timothy Trentacoste, Christopher Lee, and Martin Orlando as the supporting judges.
All information will be on our website by Monday, and tickets are available now.
For ease the Entry Fee is $5.00 per submission, at check out just put your name and a quick description of what you are submitting so your name can be attached to your submission.

We have some cool door prizes for everyone who submits as well as the return of the Jersey Devil Trophy! In addition all entries will be photographed and put into the new Jersey Devil Archive!
Can't wait to see what everyone submits for judging!




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