Zap CA Thin CA Glue, 1 oz.

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    Slo-Zap is a thick formulation of Zap's premium CA glue. It forms an extra-strong bond in a variety of materials, and works particularly well on hardwoods such as oak and maple. It will even bond to non-porous and oily woods. In modeling, it's ideal for laminating wood parts and forming fillets. Because of its thickness, it won't run, and it forms a clean, even fillet around all types of joints. The high cure strength means it works well for areas subjected to more stress than usual.


    • Thick, high viscosity formula for an extra-strong bond and gap-filling properties
    • Long open time of 30 to 40 seconds allows you to position your parts accurately
    • Cures in approximately 60 seconds
    • Does not whiten when exposed to outdoor elements

    - $8.39

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