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White Dwarf 488 (May 2023)

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May’s Issue of White Dwarf is nearly here, and it’s full of all sorts of wonderful Warhammer words and images. 


This issue features the last chapters of the Herald of Misery narrative. The penultimate part is encompassed by a new set of six Boarding Actions missions that take players to the more rickety areas of this warped space hulk, using the new Unstable Structure tiles and rules provided in the issue.

The Herald of Misery itself bows out in grand style with a  final, no-holds-barred blow-out four-player Boarding Actions Battle Report using one of the new missions, and lots of gorgeous custom terrain.

Speaking of stuff that looks lovely – issue 488 also features a whole spread on those baroque boys in red, the Blood Angels, as staff show off their collections of the Sons of Sanguinius. 

It’s not all about Warhammer 40,000 this month. The Great Stomp continues in Flashpoint Rondhol with new lore and rules – something about meat and murder on the Charwind Coast has us feeling mighty hungry…

Warcry players get a bunch of tools for running gory, slaughter-filled hunts, with full campaign rules for the Askurgan Trueblades and Claws of Karanak. 


There’s plenty more in this issue – including guidance on how to run online narrative campaigns for Warhammer games, a deep dive on how maps are designed for Boarding Action scenarios, as well as the third part of the studio’s Necromunda campaign, and part four of Chris Thursten’s Grombrindal serial.