Mythic Americas: Maya - Children of Xibalba

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    Product Contains:

    • 3 Random Children of Xibalba Resin Models
    • 3 60mm (3mm Thick) MDF Bases

    In the twisting caves below what is now known as Central America lies the fabled Realm of Xibalba, the Place of Fright and underworld of the Maya. It is within Xibalba that the Death Gods of the Maya hold court over the spirits of the dead who must pass through on their way to Tamoanchan. At times, one or more of these dark entities require action to be taken in the earthly realm of men. When this occurs, The Children of Xibalba stalk forth out of the darkness of the underworld to exact swift vengeance on those who have offended their masters. Empowered with supernatural might and mighty enchanted spears with the power to pierce multiple foes with a single attack, The Children of Xibalba are a force to be feared on the battlefield.

    - $55.00

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