Warlord Battle Titan Weapon Card Pack

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    Supplementing the weapon choices found in the Adeptus Titanicus Rules Set, and used in conjunction with the Command Terminals, these Weapon Cards are used to keep track of the armaments you’ve deployed on your Titan. Each of the 26 cards in this pack represents a weapon from your Warlord Titans, and fits snugly on to the weapon slots on their Command Terminals. When flipped, they are used to denote that the weapon is disabled. Included:

    - 2 carapace mounted bolter array cards;
    - 2 carapace mounted paired turbo laser destructor cards;
    - 2 carapace mounted paired laser blaster cards;
    - 2 carapace mounted paired gatling blaster cards;
    - 2 carapace mounted apocalypse missile launcher cards;
    - 4 arm mounted Belicosa volcano cannon cards;
    - 4 arm mounted Sunfury plasma annihilator cards;
    - 2 arm mounted Mori quake cannon cards;
    - 3 arm mounted Arioch Titan power claw cards;
    - 3 arm mounted macro-gatling blaster cards.

    - $10.63

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