Warcry: Iron Golem

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    This warband set allows you to field these armoured tyrants in your skirmish games, containing:

    - 8 multipart plastic Iron Golem miniatures – 1 Dominar, 1 Drillmaster, 1 Ogor Breacher, 1 Prefector, 1 Armator and 3 Iron Legionaries with a choice of weapons and gear. 
    - An Iron Golem abilities card, allowing you to harness the brute strength and ruthless tactical discipline of the Iron Golem in your battles.
    - 9 Iron Golem fighter cards for keeping track of your warriors

    What’s more, these warriors of Chamon are available for use in your Warhammer Age of Sigmar army.

    This set is supplied with 4x 28mm round bases, 3x 32mm round bases and 1x 40mm round base.

    - $46.75

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