Skaven: Verminlord Corruptor

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    This multi-part plastic kit can also be made as one of four other Verminlords. Whichever one you choose to assemble the legs and body are used as the core to then add the following details to: 

    A Verminlord Warbringer is armed with a doom glaive and punch-dagger and is notable for featuring a spiked helmet. 

    A Verminlord Warpseer is armed with a doom glaive and scry-orb. 

    A Verminlord Deceiver is armed with a doomstar (in the shape of the Clan Eshin rune) and a warpstiletto. It’s head wears a mask and hood to hide its features. 

    A Verminlord Corruptor is armed with 2 plaguereapers. It has a skull head with broken horns and a mane of long hair. 

    Lord Skreech Verminking has 61 components and is supplied with a 120x92mm oval base.

    - $95.20

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