Van Saar Gang

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    Assemble a Van Saar gang to use in games of Necromunda: Underhive with this set of 10 plastic miniatures. They’ve been designed to provide you with a huge amount of variety and options in assembly, meaning every gang can be unique. Included: 

    - 2 each of 5 body designs, each wearing armoured bodygloves, which can be assembled in 2 recommended ways: 
    - Body 1 can be armed with a lasgun and power knife, or a suppression laser
    - Body 2 can be armed with a plasma gun and shock stave, or a rad cannon;
    - Body 3 can be armed with a lascarbine or a lasgun
    - Body 4 can be armed with a combi weapon (lasgun/melta) and Hrystrar pattern energy shield, or a lasgun
    - Body 5 can be armed with 2 plasma pistols, or 2 laspistols;
    - 20 heads – 12 bare, 8 helmeted – which can be attached to any body you wish;
    - 10 pairs of shoulder pads;
    - A selection of grenades, pouches and equipment for adding detail to the miniatures. 

    Supplied with 10 25mm Round bases, which feature sculpted textures that match the game board’s aesthetic.

    - $39.95

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