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Tribal Nations Starter Force

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The Tribal Nations rule over a vast empire. They are led into battle by Sachem Warlords, who are combat veterans used to leading not only armed forces but also entire nations.  A Sachem Warlord always leads a Tribal Nations warband. Chosen by the people for their bravery, wisdom and ferocity, these mightiest of Tribal Nation warriors lead their Force to victory.

Always at the heart of a Tribal Nations Force, the feared warriors of the forests, Mohawk Warriors will fear no enemy and charge into any fight without hesitation! Mohawk warriors always go into battle while wielding their favored tomahawks.

Picking enemies off from cover of the woods is a favorite tactic of the long-ranged Seneca Archers. Seneca Archers are confident warriors which can range further afield or near the main body of the Force.

Backing up the Tribal Nations Force are tree-wielding Sasquatches. Any enemy charged by this fearsome Monster will rue the day they chose to face a Tribal Nations Force.

Box Contents:

1 Sachem Warlrod and two bodyguards (3 models).

2 Five-man Units of Mohawk Warriors (10 models).

1 Five-man Unit of Seneca Archers (5 models).

1 Three-man Unit of Sasquatches (3 models).