Mythic Americas: Aztec - Tlalocan High Priest with Two Tlalocan-bound Dead Bodyguards

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    Product Contains:

    • 3 White Metal Models
    • 3 32mm (3mm Thick) MDF Bases
    • 1 28mm Metal Mythic Americas miniatures. With 2 metal Tlalocan-bound dead. Total 3 miniatures blister pack.

      Tlalocan High Priest \tlä-'lō-kən\– The Warlord of the Aztecs is the Tlalocan High Priest, a powerful spellcaster who starts at Magic Level 2. The High Priest focuses on fortifying friendly units or attacking the enemy through magic. He is a stand out support character who ideally should not try to face enemy units in melee combat.

    - $17.00

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