Titanicus Accessories

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    Keep track of vital statuses and objectives in your games of Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy with this packed set of essential gaming accessories. It includes:

    - A set of Battlefield Assets: 6 plastic miniatures to represent Stratagems in-game including 1 Macro Cannon Battery, 1 Apocalypse Missile Strongpoint, 1 Command Bastion, 1 Plasma Generator, 1 Communications Relay and 1 Void Shield Relay
    - An Opus Titanica to show which player has initiative
    - A plastic wrecked Titan head, to be used as an objective marker
    - 50 status markers, for your Titan’s command terminals
    - 6 designation markers to number the Titans under your command
    - 3 arc templates, for determining the firing arcs of Titan weapons.

    - $12.75

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