The Army Painter Hobby Brushes

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    The Army Painter is proud to present its top quality & complete brush range. Revolutionary in its design and with the right price, these brushes are arguably the best value brushes in the industry.

    HOBBY series (Red):
    These brushes are made form the finest quality Toray synthetic hair and offers a great introduction to the painting hobby.

    Hobby: Precise Detail

    This brush will allow you to perform any precision paintjob you want on your miniatures. It has a very sharp point, is small and thin enough to get anywhere on a model.

    Hobby: Highlighting

    A great all round brush for making detailed highlights on your models. The tip is sharp making it useful for those hard-to-get areas of a miniature.

    Hobby: Basecoating

    A perfect brush for painting the bulk of infantry. The brush end has the right thickness for holding paint witout spilling it all at first stroke.

    Hobby: Drybrush

    The bristles of this Hobby Drybrush is flat topped and coarse, perfect for the drybrushing technique. The brush comes with a round handle, allowing for a flexible grip.

    Hobby: Super Detail

    This super fine hobby brush is for the smallest of paint jobs, like dotting the eyes or painting fine lines. The Super Detail brush comes with the characteristic red handle as do all our Hobby Brushes.

    Precise Detail - $4.21
    Highlighting - $4.21
    Basecoating - $4.21
    Drybrush - $4.21
    Super Detail - $4.21

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