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Tetrarch Light Tank

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Used in Operation Ironclad (the amphibious invasion of Madagascar) in 1942, the Tetrarch would later go on to play a vital role in the Airborne operations during the invasion of Normandy, adding much-needed fire support and mobility to the British airborne forces.

They were packed into Hamilcar gliders for the flight across the channel and deployed upon landing using a system of pulleys that opened the front of the glider as it moved forward.

The Tetrarch was also sent to the USSR as part of the lend-lease programme.

Our Tetrarch comes with three separate barrels allowing you to make the following variants:

  • Tetrarch ICS tank with 3" howitzer
  • Tetrach with 2 pounder gun
  • Tetrarch with 2 pounder gun fitted with Littlejohn adaptor (giving the humble 2 pounder a greater punch!).