SWORDPOINT Medieval Army Lists (Supplement)

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    SWORDPOINT Medieval Armies provides you with all the information you need to field Medieval Armies in your games of SWORDPOINT.

    The book covers the period 1066AD to 1526AD and contains 48 army lists (see below) with many variants, stretching from the Crusades to the Italian Wars and the Moghul Conquest of India.

    You require a copy of Swordpoint Ancient & Medieval Wargames Rules to use these lists.

    Softback, full color, 48 pages (including cover)

    Medieval Wales
    Medieval Scandinavia
    Medieval Burmese
    Crusading Military Orders
    Christian Crusaders
    Medieval Russian
    Early Holy Roman Empire
    Feudal Polish
    Medieval Bulgaria
    Baltic Pagans
    Kingdom of Cilicia
    Duchy of Achaia
    Muslim Indian
    Mongol Conquest and Khanates
    Medieval Serbia
    Medieval Spanish
    Medieval Scottish
    Medieval Byzantine
    Medieval Albania
    Ottoman Turks
    Medieval English
    The Catalan Company
    Later Medieval Hungarian
    Low Countries
    Later Italian City States
    Aztec Triple Alliance
    Medieval French
    Medieval Moldavia and Walachia
    Later Polish
    White Company
    Ming Chinese
    Later Holy Roman Empire
    Medieval Persia
    Incan Empire
    Late medieval French
    War of the Roses
    Ordonnance Burgundian
    French Expedition
    Spanish in Italy
    Renaissance Scots
    Moghul Conquest

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