Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

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    Street Fighter Miniatures Game is an exciting, new, high quality pre-painted miniatures-board game hybrid that uses the brand-new Universal Tactics System! This system allows 2-6 players to simulate fights across Street Fighter's iconic roster by controlling their favorite characters, playing cards and rolling dice from their specific 40-card Battle Decks!

    • High quality pre-painted “Collector Sized” miniatures with breath-taking sculpts!

    • Individual 40-card character Battle Decks split into Projectiles, Specials, Strikes and Event Cards! Use powerful Super & Ultra Combos for impressive finishes.

    • An Innovative Combo Chain Attack System rewards smart play and hand management.

    • Cross compatible with future Universal Tactics System sets! Create your dream scenarios for some truly legendary fights

    • Stage Maps with 3D Destructible Terrain inspired straight from the video games.

    Plastic components.

    1 Rulebook
    6 Miniatures
    6 Battle Decks (246 Cards)
    6 Player Boards
    1 Double-Sided Game Board
    6 Terrain Punchout Boards
    8 Power-Up Tokens
    6 Turn Order Tokens
    6 Tag Team Tokens
    3 Continue Tokens
    1 Guard Token
    8 Red Battle Dice

    Miniatures are supplied pre-painted and pre-assembled.

    - $127.50

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