Stark Bowmen

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    In battle, the goal is to defeat your opponent without being defeated, yourself. If you can attack your enemy and they cannot retaliate, that goes a long way to victory. For House Stark, that means employing skilled bowmen in their ranks. They have trained relentlessly in their everyday lives as trappers, rangers, and hunters. Now, they form up and send out steel-tipped death to the foes of the Direwolf.

    The Stark Bowmen unit box provides a long-range option for Stark commanders. Though very lightly armored and not equipped for melee, they more than make up for it with their ability to put volley fire at enemies. They can even ignore line of sight requirements, arcing their arrows high into the air to strike at hidden targets.

    12 Miniatures
    1 Unit Card
    1 Movement Tray

    - $25.49

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