Star Wars: Legion - Card Upgrade Pack II

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    Players can hire some of the most infamous mercenaries in the galaxy to join their armies with this card pack for Star Wars: Legion! The Card Upgrade Pack II contains updated unit cards for notorious bounty hunters Boba Fett, Bossk, Cad Bane, and even the A-A5 Speeder Truck that make them playable using the new mercenary rules introduced with the Shadow Collective Starter Set. Additionally, players will also find copies of the three new command card for use with mercenary units from the Shadow Collective Starter Set. Finally, this pack also includes a selection of 60 upgrade cards designed to help them get the most out of their mercenaries, including the new cards introduced in the Shadow Collective Starter Set.

    5 Updated Unit Cards
      ‣ 1 Boba Fett
      ‣ 1 Bossk
      ‣ 1 Cad Bane
      ‣ 2 A-A5 Speeder Truck
    3 Command Cards
      ‣ Ploy
      ‣ Aggression
      ‣ Discretion
    60 Upgrade Cards
    12 Cardboard Tokens
      ‣ 6 Order Tokens
      ‣ 2 Ion Tokens
      ‣ 2 Immobilize Tokens
      ‣ 2 Smoke Tokens

    - $10.49

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