Sparmax Airbrush Cleaning Pot

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    Keep your airbrushes clean with this nifty Airbrush Cleaning Pot! This cool cleaning system includes a frosted glass jar with a screw lid, designed with a metal airbrush holder and stand and designed to act as a holder so you can easily clean off your airbrushes by spraying access color into the pot. With this set you can store paints when not in use or easily transport your cleaning accessories as you travel with your art supplies. Now that you have all you need, spray away!


    Package Contains:

    • 1 - Airbrush Hanger
    • 3 - Filters
    • 2 - Airbrush Holders
    • 1 - 250ml Glass Jar
    • 1 - 700ml Plastic Container

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    - $19.99

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