Shadow's Edge Scenic Leaves

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Scorched Earth
Autumn Mix
Spring Mix
    Miniature fall leaves made from natural plant materials. These are great for bases or dioramas. Just spot some PVA glue on your piece and sprinkle on the leaves. Or you can apply them more precisely with tweezers.

    Leaves shown on one of our 40mm Urban Rubble Beveled Edge Bases. Includes approximate 1 oz / 28g of leaf material. Please note, since this is a natural product, the color and size may vary from those shown or previous batches. Material may settle during shipment.

    Leaves are shipped in a small ziplock.

    This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for use by, or around, small children.

    Scorched Earth - $10.00
    Autumn Mix - $10.00
    Spring Mix - $10.00

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