Mythic Americas: Tribal Nations - Seneca Archers

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    Product Contains: 

    • 5 28mm Metal Mythic Americas miniatures.
    • 5 32mm (3mm Thick) MDF Bases 

    Tribal Nations warbands will center around a core of Mohawk Warriors and Seneca Archers infantry which support the main points of attack on the battlefield. They in turn are supported by packs of wild beasts acting as fast strike forces, and muscle in the form of Sasquatches and the mighty Wendigo. Seneca Archers provide the Tribal Nations with high quality shooting, which is key for such a mobile force.

    Seneca Archers are at the core of each Tribal Nations Warband. Marked by a distinctive crest of hair, they are hunters without par, stalking the enemy through woods before launching a surprise ambush, catching their quarry unawares. Firing a deadly hail of arrows into their enemies, cutting them down in swathes.

    - $17.00

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