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Rifts RPG: Game Master Guide

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This book is to be a big, easy reference guide for GMs that should include comprehensive and condensed lists of skills, magic spells, psionic powers, OCCs, RCCs, weapons, vehicles and more. Vital information for GMs, more and updated world information, and lots of other helpful lists, charts, source material, tips and information.

Update world information
Comprehensive skill list with basic percentages.
Hand to hand combat skill charts and tables.
Comprehensive list of Magic Spells with P.P.E.
Capsuled descriptions of weapons, bionics and vehicles.
Tips and hints for running campaigns.
Charts, lists, tables, and reference material galore.
Scattered skill descriptions all put into one easy to find place.1
Rifts bibliography of titles complete with a summary of what is found in each.
252 pages.