Reaver Titan Weapons: Gatling Blaster, Power Fist, Laser Blaster and Apocalypse Missile Launcher

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    This plastic frame provides alternative weapons to use with your plastic Reaver Titans, increasing your tactical options and giving you new ways to devastate enemy war engines – including a devastating close-combat weapon!

    This plastic frame contains 48 components that make up the following weapons and additional parts for your Reaver Titans:

    – One laser blaster
    – One gatling blaster
    – One power fist, with the option to model the hand open or closed
    – One carapace-mounted Apocalypse missile launcher
    – An alternative faceplate

    This is not a complete kit – an Adeptus Titanicus Reaver Battle Titan set is required to use the contents of this kit.

    - $21.25

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