Blood of the Emperor: An Anthology (Hardback)

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    A Primarchs anthology

    A weak Cthonian boy forges a bloody destiny among the stars. Tribal warriors hunt a beast in the Fenrisian snows. Prosperine sorcerers seek hidden secrets. The Emperor's Praetorian shows his ruthless side. Alpharius submits to questioning over a brutal campaign, and Mortarion returns to Terra for the first time since his ascension to daemonhood.

    Each of these six tales provides you with a new look at one of the primarchs, the demigod sons of the Emperor. Once brothers-in-arms, these legendary heroes fell into war and strife, loyalist and traitor. But each remains a mighty lord of warriors and leader of men, and each has tales to tell…

    Lupus Daemonis by Graham McNeill
    Skjalds by Nick Kyme
    The Sixth Cult of the Denied by David Guymer
    The Will of the Legion by Andy Clark
    Council of Truth by Mike Brooks
    Terminus by Chris Wraight

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