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Orruk Warclans: Weirdbrute Wrekkaz

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When an orruk’s bragging gets too much and they can’t live up to the lofty expectations they’ve set, the shame sends them on a path of self-destructive redemption as a Brute Rager. Stripping off their armour and carrying massive two-handed weapons into battle, they seek to reclaim a sense of self-worth through sheer bloody minded butchery, and woe betide those who would try to stop them.


Sometimes, the storm of Waaagh! energy that swirls around an orruk battle can send some boyz off the deep end, and they end up in a unit of Weirdbrute Wrekkaz. The only thing they’re good for is bolting on an iron mask and swinging a heavy ball-and-chain, which is a task their fellow Ironjawz are only too happy to set them to.