MalifauX 3rd Edition: Neverborn - Mysterious Fate

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    The Neverborn tolerate the presence of the Mysterious Effigy, sensing that it is an ally and taking advantage of the swings in Fate that tend to surround the little creature like ripples around a stone in a swirling river. Some of the Neverborn masters even feel a fondness for it. Although Mysterious aids the Neverborn, it feels no loyalty to them. It has a much greater purpose, one worth sacrificing every single being in Malifaux.

    The Mysterious Emissary needs no shadow to hide in. It needs no hinting or manipulation. It needs no subtle direction of Malifaux's energies. At long last the slumbering spite of the land has found its incarnation and pure expression.

    1 Mysterious Effigy
    1 Mysterious Emissary

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