Marvel Crisis Protocol: NYC Apartment Building Terrain Pack

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    40mm Scale

    Not only does the NYC Apartment Building provide the perfect place for city-living and super-powered brawling, it also offers a number of great amenities to really make your city feel like home! Need refreshment after a serious super-powered showdown? Head on over to Josie's, a favorite staple of Hell's Kitchen locals for years. Or maybe you are seeking legal counsel? The law offices of Nelson and Murdock are on the case!

    Whether you're tired of big business kingpins pushing you around or are a costumed vigilante trying to prove your innocence, no case is too big or small for Nelson and Murdock. Other amenities include a rooftop billboard, skylights, water tower, and even some eaves-dwelling pigeons for maximum nighttime brooding and the full urban-living experience.

    Plastic components.

    11 Double-sided Walls
    2 Entrance Facades
      ‣ Josie's Bar
      ‣ Nelson & Murdock
    1 Water Tower
    1 Rooftop Entrance
    1 Skylight
    1 Billboard
    2 Fire Escapes
    2 Fire Hydrants
    6 AC Units
    3 Pigeons

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.

    - $63.95

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