Marvel Crisis Protocol: Black Order Affiliation Pack

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    40mm Scale

    Let their enemies crumble in woe and their admirers tremble in awe; the Black Order rises anew! These are Thanos' hand-picked generals, each a master of their craft and unflinchingly loyal to their shared goal of universal conquest.

    Recruit your own Black Order for your games of Marvel Crisis Protocol with the Black Order Affiliation Pack. In this pack you will find four highly-detailed miniatures all too eager to cut down any who oppose them

    4 Miniatures
      ‣ Ebony Maw
      ‣ Black Dwarf
      ‣ Corvus Glaive
      ‣ Proxima Midnight
    4 Bases
    4 Character Stat Cards
    7 Team Tactic Cards
    4 Infinity Gem Cards
    1 Affiliation Card

    Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly are required.

    - $47.99

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