SHVA10 Macbeth, Last Celtic King of the Scots - Scots Legendary Warlord

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    HVA10 Macbeth, Last Celtic King of the Scots - Legendary Scots Warlord

    The Mormaer of Moray, Macbeth (Mac Bethad mac Findlaich) became king of Scotland in 1040 by killing Duncan. His reign lasted two decades, which was a long reign in these troubled times! A respected king, he ruled wisely and many kept him in high esteem after his death. He fought the Vikings of the Orkneys and kept the Northumbrians at bay. 

    Please note, Macbeth was a big man even by today's standards so this figures is suitably imposing.

    Comes separate hand holding axe, a separate Dark Age Large Round shield and with a separate SAGA Warlord sized plastic base.

    - $3.90

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