US M4A9 Sherman with Tesla Cannon

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    M4A9-T Sherman with Tesla Cannon

    Scale: 28mm - 1/56th
    1 Vehicle
    Plastic Resin
    Requires Assembly

    This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.

    As US scientists struggled to perfect the first weaponised application of Rift-tech knowledge, much effort was devoted to an enhanced weapon capable of defeating heavy German and Soviet armoured vehicles. After much trial and error, the Tesla Cannon was fielded on a standard Sherman M4A3 chassis to great effect.


    • 1 resin M17 Tessla turret and 1 plastic M4 Sherman.

    Full rules can be found on page 154 of the Konflikt 47 Rule Book.

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

    - $33.66

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