KMC Super Card Barrier

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Pearl White
Pastel Pink

    Looking for some super sleeves for your deck? Give these full-sized sleeves from KMC a try! KMC’s Super Series Sleeves are ideal for both Pokemon and MTG trading cards and do a great job of keeping your deck looking like new! They have a silky smooth feel to them, which makes for better shuffling and handling overall. Coupled with a thick design and roomy fit, these sleeves are a top-notch option for preserving your precious deck!

    Key Features:

    • Each 80-count pack contains: two 40-count packs
    • Size: 92 millimeters by 66 millimeters
    • Thickness: 10mm
    • Vibrant colors
    • Available in different colors
    • Perfect for MTG, Pokemon, or any other standard sized trading cards. 

    Pearl White - $4.99
    Pastel Pink - $4.99

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