Junkers Ju 88C squadron

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    The Ju 88C was one of the most successful heavy fighters used by the Luftwaffe. It was a conversion of the Ju 88 bomber with its usual glasshouse nose replaced by a solid fairing mounting a formidable battery of machine guns and cannon. The Ju 88C worked in multiple roles throughout the war including ground attack as a fighter-bomber, bomber-destroyer, intruder, maritime long range escort and strike aircraft.


    • 6 x Warlord Resin Junkers Ju JU88C aircraft
    • 6 x Advantage flying bases
    • 1 x Punchboard with double-sided Pilot Skill discs
    • 1 x Double-sided Pilot disc set
    • 1 x Aircraft Card (JU 88C)
    • 1 x Doctrine Card (Opening Shot)
    • 6 x Aircraft Trait Cards (Heavy Hitter)
    • 1 x Waterslide aircraft markings sheet

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