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Riot Quest J.A.I.M.S

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She slices! She dices! (But don't ask her to make you julienne fries if you value your life.) Just another iron maiden, she is not. As inventor Jasper Jacobsen's last surviving specimen of clockwork automata, "Jacobsen's Amazing Iron Maiden" ("J.A.I.M." for short) is a merciless tornado of blades, as beautiful as she is deadly.

Players looking to beef up their Crew's security (read: not getting knocked out on the job) are going to want to pick up J.A.I.M. to add to their Riot Quest Crew. She's a decent combatant in the arena, but her real strength comes from protecting others. Not only is she a Guard-class hero - meaning she's capable of increasing the defenses of nearby allies - but she can also take the hit for one if they get smacked around too close to her. This is particularly punishing against melee-focused enemies, as each time J.A.I.M. is hit in melee, she deals damage back with her bladed armor!

Metal components.

1 Guard-class Miniature
1 Hero Stat Card
1 Riot Gear Card