Iron Warriors - The Complete Honsou Omnibus

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    A Warhammer 40,000 omnibus

    The Iron Warriors are Chaos Space Marines with unrivalled expertise in the art of siege warfare. With great batteries of artillery and all the favours of the Ruinous Powers at their command, there is no fortress in the galaxy that can stand against them for long. From Hydra Cordatus, where a massive force of Iron Warriors has invaded and lain siege to its mighty Imperial citadel, to the world of Castellax as Warsmith Andraaz prepares for a deadly greenskin invasion, the sons of Peturabo fight with the brutal determination and cold efficiency that has earned them their fearsome reputation.

    This omnibus edition contains all of the Honsou stories drawn from author Graham McNeill’s popular Ultramarines series including the novel Storm of Iron, the novella Iron Warrior and a collection of short stories that continue the tale of the treacherous Warsmith.

    Written by Graham McNeill

    Storm of Iron
    Iron Warrior
    The Enemy of My Enemy
    The Heraclitus Effect
    The Skull Harvest
    The Iron Without
    The Beast of Calth
    The Corpse Road

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