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Inca Starter Force

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The Incas are a militaristic society that benefits from Forces, which are always led by an Inca Sapa Warlord. A Sapa Warlord is the dominant political and spiritual leader of the Inca people. Believed descended from divinity, a Sapa Warlord has absolute authority. Whether darting through the jungle or pursuing his enemies across desert plains, a Sapa Warlord bounds across the battlefield and engages the enemy with the confidence of a proven and successful war leader.

Sapa Warlords benefit from a wide variety of troop choices. Among them are Macana-wielding Cuszco Warriors. Cuzco warriors are extremely reliable soldiers who have experienced many battles.  Cuzco Warriors also benefit from their high training, powerful weaponry, and time-tested unique formations such as Shield Wall. 

As with all Inca forces, a balanced approach to war means the muscle provided by the Cuzco Warriors Units and the long-range support of highly efficient Antisuyu Archers. These Mythic Earth famous archers can inflict pain on the enemy while safely behind the Shield Walls of their Cuzco Warrior brethren.

Roaming high above the battlefield, Condor Riders can swiftly swoop in and attack the enemy where they are the most vulnerable. Condor Riders offer the Incas highly reliable force projection capabilities. There is no place for enemy heroes to hide when they can be spotted from the heavens above!

Box Contents:

1 Sapa Warlrod and two bodyguards (3 models).

2 Five-man Units of Cuzco Macana warriors (10 models).

1 Five-man Unit of Antisuyu Archers (5 models).

1 Three-man Unit of Condor Riders (3 models).