Game Envy Exemplar Premier Wet Palette

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    • Painting Made Easy – With includes 50 sheets of premium palette paper, a 6.5x9.85” wet paint palette, 2 sponges, a dry palette and mixing tray and a palette squeegee, this complete set will help novice and pro painters prep their acrylic paints.
    • No More Dry Paint - Boasting a silicone seal and four-point closure system, this palette for acrylic painting will keep your paints fresh longer. It even has a vacuum seal on the vent to help regulate moisture.
    • Keep Your Accessories Ready - The lid of this palette features an integrated storage space that's 14mm deep and can hold 8 brushes with caps, dry palette, and mixing tray to keep everything organized.
    • Follow Your Inspiration – This wet palette system with lid also functions as a device stand. Use it to prop up your mobile phone or a photograph as reference.
    • Unleash Your Creativity Anywhere - Measuring 7.5x10.8x1.22”, our wet paint palette with sealing lid can be easily stored in your bag to allow you to paint anywhere you want!

    - $34.00

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