Flames of War: Fury Starter Set

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    1:100 Scale
    German, US
    Suitable for Late-War

    The Fury Starter Set is the perfect way to begin playing Flames of War. With four tanks (Tiger, StuG, Sherman, M10) and a Quick Start Guide you will be quickly building and playing with your first models.

    Plastic components.

    1 Tiger 8.8cm Tank
    1 StuG 7.5cm Tank
    1 M4 Sherman 75mm Tank
    1 M4 Sherman 76mm Tank
    1 M10 Tank
    2 Tank Commanders
    1 Complete A5 Rulebook
    1 Fury "Start Here" Booklet
    2 Terrain Cards
    6 Dice
    7 Unit Cards

    - $18.00

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