Deathwatch: The Omnibus

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    A Warhammer 40,000 Omnibus

    The Deathwatch are the elite. Recruited from numerous Space Marine Chapters, their mission is simple: exterminate any xenos threat to the Imperium. Assembled into kill-teams, the Deathwatch are expert alien hunters, equipped to undertake any mission in any environment. None are as dedicated or as skilled in the brutal art of alien annihilation. This action-packed omnibus contains three full novels written by Steve Parker, Ian St Martin and Justin D Hill, along with a dozen of the best short stories ever written about the Imperium’s premier xenos hunters.

    The Vorago Fastness by David Annandale
    Rackinruin by Braden Campbell
    The Alien Hunters by Andy Chambers
    Whiteout by Andy Clark
    Weaponsmith by Ben Counter
    Storm of Damocles by Justin D Hill
    Machine Spirit by Nick Kyme
    Deathwatch, Headhunted & Exhumed by Steve Parker
    The Infinite Tableau by Anthony Reynolds
    Deathwatch: Kryptman's War & Swordwind by Ian St Martin
    Mission: Annihilate by Gav Thorpe
    Onyx by Chris Wraight

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