Deathwatch: The Long Vigil (Hardback)

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    A Deathwatch anthology

    It is humanity’s darkest hour. From Imperium Nihilus to Segmentum Pacificus, the vile xenos hordes swell. If left unchecked, these depraved beasts will savage the Imperium like scavengers upon a carcass.

    Only the Adeptus Astartes of the Deathwatch stand defiant before them. They are the Shield that Slays, the watchmen of the void that guard the Emperor of Mankind’s realms from terrors unimaginable. Between them, this noble brotherhood will keep the light of the Imperium burning until the stars themselves extinguish.

    This anthology of brand-new, high-octane stories features a host of Black Library’s finest authors, including Steve Parker, Ben Counter, David Guymer, Andy Clark, and many more.

    Messiah Complex by Steve Parker
    The Shadow of the Saints by Ben Counter
    The Crueltymaker's Kingdom by Marc Collins
    The Nihilus Edge by Justin D. Hill
    Sorrowcrown by Nicholas Wolf
    Awakened by Sarah Cawkwell
    Brother to Dishonour by David Guymer
    The Last Word by Phil Kelly
    Entombed by Andy Clark

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