Cyberpunk RED Miniatures - Combat Zoners C

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    Welcome to the Dark Future, the time of the RED. Here, Megacorps have ravaged civilization and you do what you must to survive. Bring your adventures to the tabletop with these detailed Cyberpunk RED models. Are you ready to plug in and fight. 

    In the time of the RED, every city has a “Combat Zone” - an area of lawlessness that police rarely enter, ruled by gangs and criminals. This set contains three ‘Zoner lookouts in hoodies: one with a medium pistol, a hoodie with a shotgun, and a Zoner wielding a ballbat.

    Each model is made from durable plastic and includes a base.


    Cyberpunk RED Miniatures - Combat Zoners C Contains:

    Zoner 5

    Zoner 6

    Zoner 7

    3 Bases 

    - $16.00

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