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Crusade: Tyrannic War

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The Crusade game mode has been revamped, and you’ll even be able to update your existing campaigns for the new edition with free rules coming next week. This 184-page Crusade: Tyrannic War book provides the full new Crusade rules, then expands the experience with rules and missions that evoke the nightmarish Tyranid invasion at the heart of the Fourth Tyrannic War.

Bespoke Battle Traits, Crusade Relics, Crusade Blessings and Agendas feature alongside traits for Monster Hunters and Striding Behemoths – usable by any faction, not just the hungry Hive Mind and its Imperial prey – as well as 15 Tyrannic War Crusade Missions that tell the story of the Galactic West under attack by numerous Hive Fleets. There’s also plenty of background information detailing this invasion and the consequences for the Bastior Sub-sector.

Note that the printed contents of this book are the same as the Crusade section in the Warhammer 40,000: Leviathan Core Book – if you already bought Leviathan, you already have these rules and lore.