Carro Armato M13/40

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    Produced by Fiat Ansaldo, the M13/40 was the main battle tank of the Italian army in World War II and served throughout the war following its introduction in 1940. Although designated as a medium tank it was more in line with the light tanks of other nations at the time.

    With armour up to 42mm thick, and armed with a 47mm main gun backed up by up to four 8mm machine guns, it carried a four man crew. Its diesel engine, whilst underpowered, giving a top speed of around 20mph, was less vulnerable to catching fire and had better range than petrol-fuelled vehicles.

    The most widely produced Italian tank of the war, the M13/40 battled on in the Western Desert and Italy despite Allied tanks far eclipsing it in firepower, speed and protection.

    Avanti Savoia!


    • 1 metal and resin vehicle
    • Bolt Action stat card
    • Damage markers
    • Decal sheet

    - $24.48

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