Blood Bowl: Nurgle's Rotters Team Card Pack

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    This set includes:

    - 1x How to Use card
    - 4x Nurgle reference cards for Rotter Lineman, Pestigor, Bloater, and Rotspawn
    - 3x Star Player cards for Glart Smashrip, Lord Borak the Despoiler, and Morg 'n' Thorg
    - 8x Dirty Tricks Special Play cards
    - 8x Heroic Feats Special Play cards
    - 20x blank Positional cards, to fill in for each player on your team: 11x Rotter Lineman, 4x Pestigor, 4x Bloater, and 1x Rotspawn

    You'll need a copy of Blood Bowl – The Official Rules to make full use of these cards.

    - $25.50

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