Black Powder: American Civil War paint set (Pre-Order) (Release Date: March)

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    This custom selected paint set produced by our very own studio team will arm you with the bespoke colors needed to dress for battle both your Union and Confederate forces in either 28mm or Epic Battle Scale.

    Containing 9 high pigment paints, a wash and a frame of our Epic Battles ACW infantry to either sneakily outnumber your enemy, or practice your painting on.

    Although designed for Epic Battle: American Civil War, it's equally suitable for miniatures of any scale for that historical period, containing all the colors required for painting both Union and Confederate forces:

    • Uses the Rapid Deployment Paint System - a user friendly method that gives great end results by combining authentic acrylic paints with quickshade pigmented wash in double-quick time.

    • Includes nine paints by Army Painter plus Strong Tone Wash - all you need for both Union and Confederate Armies

    • Also Includes a Plastic Sprue of Epic Battles American Civil War Infantry - perfect to practise on!

    - $22.13

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