Citadel Base Brushes

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    S Base

    The small brush (S Base), ideal for basecoating features a blend of synthetic and sable bristles, and holds a fine point allowing you to reach those tricky areas and achieve a great result.

    M Base

    This medium brush (M Base), ideal for basecoating features a flat shape with a curved top, entirely synthetic bristles for extended durability and two differing styles - side on for coverage, and a flat edge for detail.

    L Base

    Composed of entirely synthetic bristles for durability (this brush will see a lot of use!) and ideal for basecoating, the brush (L Base) features a large, wide side and a fine pointed edge - ideal for both fast coverage and tricky to reach areas.

    XL Base

    Entirely synthetic for extra durability, the extra large brush (XL Base) features the biggest size for the largest areas. The large, wide side and fine pointed edge mean you’ll basecoat your miniatures in no time.

    Citadel Base Brush Small (S) - $5.74
    Citadel Base Brush Medium (M) - $6.80
    Citadel Base Brush Large (L) - $7.44
    Citadel Base Brush Extra Large (XL) - $8.93

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