Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge Bundle Set

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    Why Bardsung?
    • 150 hours of gameplay and 68 highly detailed miniatures!
    • Inspired by dungeon crawling and choose-your-own adventure classics
    • Roleplaying immersion meets rich board game mechanics to deliver a powerful new experience driven by player choices
    • Fast setup — play starts with a single dungeon tile, with the rest laid as you play
    • Dive in with pre-set characters based on tabletop roleplaying classes like rogue and cleric, then customise characters with Bardsung’s classless path system to build your hero, your way
    • Custom GameTrayz insert to save progress between sessions
    • With multiple endings, evolving card decks, immersive storytelling and branching paths, no two Bardsung campaigns are the same!

    What’s in the Bundle?

    • Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge Box Set
    • Bardsung: The Lost Levels Expansion
    • Bardsung: Upper Levels
    • Bardsung: 3D Doors
    • Bardsung: Hobgoblins

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    - $300.00

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