Vaults of Obsidian (Paperback)

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    A Blackstone Fortress anthology

    For uncountable ages the Blackstone Fortress has kept its watchful silence. It patiently waits, willing those brave enough to gamble everything exploring its halls. Only the most determined of adventurers will return with riches – the unworthy are never seen again. But to many, the rewards far outweigh the risks. Among the denizens of Precipice, ratlings, robots and rogue traders all pursue their own agendas, pitting themselves against the myriad forces of darkness that have claimed the fortress as their own. Deadliest of all is Obsidius Mallex, who aims to twist another Talisman of Vaul to Chaos’ unholy cause. Unless this traitor is stopped, the galaxy will burn beneath the wrath of the Ruinous Gods.

    Talisman of Vaul by Darius Hinks
    Shapes Pent in Hell by Josh Reynolds
    Fates and Fortunes by Thomas Parrott
    Past in Flames by J C Sterns
    Negavolt by Nicholas Wolf
    The Three-Edged Blade by Denny Flowers
    Motherlode by Nick Kyme
    Purity is a Lie by Guy Haley
    The Oath in Darkness by David Annandale
    Man of Iron by Guy Haley
    The Beast Inside by Darius Hinks
    The Last of the Longhorns by Nick Kyme

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