Algoryn Armoured Infantry

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    The Algoryn are proud people, and it is considered a great honour to fight with the armoured infantry. They are the first to tackle a foe and almost certainly the last one to walk away. Using their latest weaponry, technology and armour there is nothing the people don't bestow onto the armoured infantry to guarantee their warriors victory.

    Easy to build with a torso that can be placed on the hip ball socket for increased dynamic poses, this is a highly detailed upgrade for your Algoryn. The armour even includes part of the Algoryn alphabet, extolling the troopers in their art of war!

    The 2 plastic sprues contain:

    • 10 Algoryn AI Troopers
    • 2 Spotter Drones

    Along side 4 normal heads for your commanders plus 10 helmeted heads, the sprues including these weapon options:

    • 10 Mag Guns
    • 4 Mag Repeaters
    • 2 Mag Pistols
    • 4 Micro-X Launchers

    - $24.48

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