MalifauX 3rd Edition: Arcanists - Arcane Fate

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    Of all the Effigies, Arcane is the most curios. While its primary interest is magic, it has a scholarly fascination with everything. Its unique connection to the aether means that it has an unparalleled knowledge of magic, an advantage it uses to trade with the Arcanists to further its own goals.

    The Arcane Emissary is housed in a beautiful mechanical body, but yet that body is self-created, owing its exquisite crafting to no one but itself. Inside that elegant machine is a form of coherent and primal force, shifting from fire to ice to light to steel, haloed in smoke or steam. Behind its bestial faceplate burns an intellect and occult skill as undeniable and frightening as the momentum of its roaring charge.

    1 Arcane Emissary
    1 Arcane Effigy

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