Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master Edition (Out of Print) (NEW) (SEALED)

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    Contents- 1x 96-page softcover Adeptus Titanicus rulebook. This contains the full rules for the game, & will teach you the basics as well as introducing you to advanced rules & tactics, & three different ways to play.- 2x Reaver Battle Titan. These plastic models each come in 122 components, with 105mm oval bases.- 2x Warhound Scout Titan. These plastic models each come in 62 components, including multiple weapons options. Each has an 80mm round base.- 2x Cerastus Knight. This 58-component plastic kit includes two 50mm round bases.- 6x Battlefield Assets, plastic models used to represent stratagems on the battlefield that can interact with your Titans in different ways- 58x Status Markers & Movement Template Set- 20x Adeptus Titanicus Dice (18x D6, 2x D10)- 3x Adeptus Titanicus Weapon Templates- 2x Reference Sheets- 4x Titan Command Terminals- 2x Knight Banner Command Terminals- 24x Mission & Stratagem Cards- 16x Titan Weapon Cards- 1x Range Ruler- 3x Transfer sheets one each for Reaver Titans, Warhound Titans & Cerastus Knights

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