8th Army Support Group

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    8th Army support group

    This set contains:

    • 1 x British 8th Army HQ
    • 1 x British 8th Army Machine Gun Team
    • 1 x British 8th Army Medium Mortar

    British 8th Army HQ

    The middle ranks of officers were almost invariably drawn from the upper-middle classes: educated in the public schools, instilled with the values of empires, and imbued with a sense of confidence, duty and resolve that is difficult to conceive of today. An officer unit consists of the man himself and can include up to two other men acting as his immediate attendants.

    British 8th Army Medium Machine Gun

    The .303 Vickers water-cooled machine gun offered fire support to infantry units. This was another weapon of World War I vintage that soldiered on through World War II and beyond, proving effective at laying down continuous fire over a long range.

    British 8th Army Medium Mortar Team

    The 3-inch mortar was used to provide support from up to 3,000 yards dependent upon the projectile used. The 3-inch mortar was operated by a crew of 3 or more (we use 3 for games) and was often transported in a Universal 'Bren' Carrier.

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